SIGGRAPH 94 presence missed

Sarah R. Yoffa (
Thu, 28 Jul 94 21:14:19 EDT

Hi everyone. I'm an engineer working in aerospace in Florida and
was reading this list until a few weeks ago. I ran out of time, but
not interest. When I attended SIGGRAPH '94 in Orlando, Florida,
yesterday (which was a *FAN*DAMN*TASTIC event, BTW), I was really
disappointed to discover the gasping absence of a SIG for Wired's
VRML discussions.

There was a SIG for WWW and one for Internet (generally) and one
for almost anything else you could imagine, but all I saw of Wired
was a booth where they were selling subscriptions. Pretty sad.
The people on the booth didn't even know what I was talking
about when I asked about the VRML Mailing list discussion until I
explained it more than once. Isn't this supposed to be the next
wave of technology we're discussing and developing here? SIGGRAPH had
such a *strong* focus on VR and where it's headed, I can't believe
Wired didn't exploit that market. If any of you are *at* SIGGRAPH
now (there're internet logins available at the conference but of
course ;-) and you discover where the discussions are being held, maybe
you can post that info to this list so others at SIGGRAPH can join
in. Obviously, ACM isn't going to help out on this one. (*sigh*)

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