Mark D. Pesce (
Fri, 22 Jul 1994 12:21:00 -0700 (PDT)

VRML List Members who are attending SIGGRAPH:

The VRML BOF will be held _immediately_ following the OpenInventor meeting
on Monday night, 25 July 1994, at 8:30 PM.

This is what was said about the OI meeting:

Sorry for the partial information, the user group meeting will be held
at the Sheraton World, Orlando FL, 6:30 to 8:30 pm, at the Mediterranean

We don't have any definitive space - perhaps they will be kind enough
to let us use the room after they've finished - if not, the hotel should
have some space (bar or whatnot) big enough. There seems to be 10-12 people
interested in attending, so that shouldn't be very unmanageable.

I will be at the SIGKIDS area (both 27) during the day on Monday, so if
there are any last minute changes, I'll try to email; but check the area
for posted information aboutthe BOF.


Mark Pesce
VRML List Moderator

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