PRESENCE Pacific Rim Issue Is Out!

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Thu, 21 Jul 1994 12:58:16 -0700

Dateline: 20 July 1994, Monterey, California

The PRESENCE Pacific Rim Virtual Reality & Telepresence issue is just off
the press!

If you are interested in the virtual reality and teleoperation research being
carried out in the Pacific Rim, you need this issue.

Here are its contents and below is the subscription information.

Michael Zyda
Co-Editor of the PRESENCE Pacific Rim Special Issue
Senior Editor for Virtual Environments for PRESENCE

PRESENCE Vol. 3. No. 1

Table of Contents


ARTICLES Virtual Reality in Japan and South Korea:
Courtesy of the NSF Summer Institute in Japan
Benjamin Watson

BrickNet - A Software Toolkit for
Network-Based Virtual Worlds
Gurminder Singh, Luis Serra, Willie Png,and Hern Ng

Evaluation Experiments of a Tele-Existence Manipulation System
Yasuda Kenichi and Susumu Tachi

Virtual Sand Box: A Development of an Application of
Virtual Enviroments for Clinical Medicine
Ryugo Kijima and Michitaka Hirose

Design and Control of Shared Conferencing Environments for
Audio Telecommunication Using Individually Measured HRTF's
Shigeaki Aoki, Michael Cohen and Nobuo Koizumi

Multi-Modal Mouse: A Mouse-Type Device With
Tactile and Force Display
Motoyuki Akamatsu, Sigeru Sato and I. Scott MacKenzie

A 3D Space Interface Device Using Tensed Strings and
its Application
Masahiro Ishii and Makoto Sato

Michael Cohen

Visual Creation of Virtual Design Environments and Virtual
Worlds Research at ISS
Gurminder Singh, Luis Serra, Kim Fairchild and Timothy Poston


PRESENCE - a new quarterly from MIT Press Journals - provides the first
scientific forum for the exchange of ideas about teleoperation and
virtual environments.

PRESENCE presents startling investigations into major technologies that
look torward a time to come. Teleoperators and virtual environments
project one or more individuals into new, interactive surroundings
by means of electromechanical interface devices - helmets, goggles,
earphones, gloves, suit. A person's sense of presence depends upon
each interface's character - how distinctly her gloves allow her
to feel an environment's curves - and also upon the character of the
surroundings, real or virtual, into which she is projected.

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