Behaviour Engines

Mark Waks (
Wed, 20 Jul 94 15:50:22 EDT

Chris Goad posts a pointer to his Behaviour Engine work. It's quite
intriguing, and I recommend to people that they take a look at it.
It's more tantalizing than fulfilling, though -- the ideas presented
sound quite sensible, but there isn't quite enough detail in the
page as presented. Chris, would it be possible to post at least a
beta description of the ASCII format? It would help me to better
evaluate the concept if I had something a little more concrete to
chew on...

-- Justin
Who still suspects we don't need to
resolve these issues now, but my
curiosity has been piqued...

Random Quote du Jour:

"2) The Crown has just announced that your small local revel next month will
instead be the Known World Heraldic Symposium. Obviously your site for 75
people will not be adequate. Do you:
a) Shoot all heralds on sight until there are only 75 left.
b) Announce that a prize will be given to the most heralds who can cram
themselves into the restrooms.
c) Paint yourself azure and or pretend to be a banner until the event is
over with."