VRML Survey now online

Brian Behlendorf (brian@wired.com)
Tue, 19 Jul 1994 19:46:37 -0700 (PDT)

I poured over the archive of posts and cumulated the features people
discussed into a survey that is now online. The URL is:


For those of you without a web browser, but with telnet access, I
have installed a lynx user on my other machine, hyperreal.com.
To get there, type

telnet hyperreal.com
user: lynx

>From there it'll connect you to the Lynx home page - use "g" to go
to the above URL.

For those without WWW or outbound telnet, I'll post a text version of the
survey later tonight or tomorrow.

The survey will run until midnight July 28th - on the 29th I'll compile
the results and we'll have a good outline of what we want in the spec.
The long time is to allow for the fact that SIGGRAPH is this week,
and because I want people to look closer at the issues I ask about rather
than just fire off an opinion.

Thanks! Hope it works :)


p.s. - don't be a weiner and send in multiple forms... They are anonymous I
know where they came from and am not averse to ignoring more than a couple
posts from the same host. :)