LANG: the inconsequential dialogue of the misparsed and dying

Mon, 18 Jul 1994 09:26:35 -0700 (PDT)

some servant of cthulhu writes:

If I've got some object and want to make it spin in 5 degree steps until it
reaches 180 degrees, then go back again I might right seomething like this:
(ignoring the finer details of the syntax)

for ever do
for count = 1 to 180 / 5 do
rotate(x, -5);
rotate(y, -5);
rotate(z, -5);
for count = 1 to 180 / 5 do
rotate(x, 5);
rotate(y, 5);
rotate(z, 5);

Of course a behaviour like this would run indefinitly and concurrently with
the rest of the stuff in the Virtual World.

here's the scam on this: i'd want to make it even easier than that, as let's
look at our model: mosaic worked because anyone can html, in part. i'd say for
rotating objects and other PROPERTIES of the object, we should have some client
definition handlers which would be passed a rotate 5, 3, 69 or somesuch to
handle the same thing. other properties could be passed as well, everything
from inclination to move to immediate responses to interactions. after all,
we're building this model on the client end and not in virtualspace, so
attention must be paid to that factor...

- sven

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