Re: Externalization

Thomas Churchill (
Thu, 14 Jul 1994 12:06:13 -0700

Murray Bent wrote:

> Doesn't the OMG look at proposals for the machine-independent
> flattening of objects onto file streams as part of its Externalization
> evaluation?
> If the methods they evaluate are no good for data interchange of arbitrary
> structures, then please go ahead and propose a better one to the OMG! If it
> is OK, these proposals would be worth considering as a language-independent
> machine-independent expressive and extensible OO basis for the geometry and
> anchors you want to send over streams.

And at their present pace of standardization, in another 5-10 years, they
just may have something ;-) It's been *how long* since a standardized
C++ mapping from IDL was initially asked for, and they still don't have
one? Not saying that it isn't a difficult task, but sometimes they move
slower than molasses. I myself would love to see a CORBA based solution,
but doubt that the "doers" on this list care to wait until it's an operable
Internet-based solution to start work on something...


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