Re: LANG: Dynamic characteristics

John W. Barrus (
Thu, 14 Jul 1994 13:28:16 -0400

Justin wrote:
>Anyway, the point is that a good C interpreter would be a good deal of
>work. A C++ interpreter (which is really what most existing Inventor
>code appears to be in) would be more. It might be within our
>capabilities, but I'm skeptical -- I haven't seen that kind of
>expertise within this project yet. (I'm certainly not good enough to
>do it well, and I *do* have significant parsing experience.)

Sorry, I was stuck on the wrong topic. I can see that you are talking
about an "animation" language that is machine independent. I thought we
were still talking about input file formats.

I take back my comments. You are certainly much more qualified than I am
to discuss parsers.

Inventor does have some automation nodes (timers, boolean nodes, etc) that
would allow us to do some automation if we implemented those nodes in the
client. I'll have to look in more detail at that.

John B.


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