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Mon, 11 Jul 1994 04:07:12 -0400 (EDT)

Things are getting *very* interesting...


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July 7, 1994

A new enhanced version of NCSA Mosaic, adding 3d model
interaction and hyper-triggers is now available for Alpha
testing as CLRMosaic. It can be ftp'd from
in /pub/sgi/ Accessing the Manual page from the
'Model View' help will bring up a sample model. Turn on the
Model view either by selecting it under the Options menu or
going to a page that has an imbedded model. Any bugs are my
fault, not the NCSA who have created such a marvelous program!!

CLRMosaic is an extended version of the extremely popular (and happily
free!) NCSA Mosaic for X software. The primary extension is a Model
View window which provides access to hyper-models of 2d and 3d
geometry, which can themselves contain links to other hyper-models or
hyper-text. This finally provides a mechanism for SPATIAL information
to enter the WWW without first being bastardized into limited image

NOTE: CLRMosaic is ONLY available in BINARY form for Silicon
Graphics Workstations using IRIS GL. Future versions will move to
OpenGL on multiple platforms and source may become available. While we
realize this is very limiting to start, it is all that we can support
with current resources. This software is currently in testing but is
now usable! If you wish to put your own models up in our SDML (Spatial
Data Markup Language), there is a simple starting method from our
CLRview software and these notes.

Display Parameters: * -,W,S, and O buttons change the way models
are displayed: Off, Wireframe, Solid, Outlined (Solid with Black
Wireframe) Solid or Outline are best to ensure your clicks hit a
polygon * Moving in the model is as per CLRview or PolyTRIM - for
those who are unaware: Moving + Numeric Pad Arrows -
Left, Right, Forward, Backwards + Numeric Pad +/- - Up,
Down + Seperate Arrow Keys - Turn Head left, right, Tilt Head
up, down [IMAGE] Full
manual in the works - nothing yet - YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN!

This manual includes a sample model of Ottawa, Canada, particularly
the parliament hill area (the capital buildings of Canada) with some
hyper-model links to imagery. Move to the hill-side of the model until
you see some blue-outlined polygons you can click on!
Manual - CLRMosaic / CLR /