Re: Some criteria for VRML

Dave Raggett (
Fri, 1 Jul 94 18:57:30 BST


>> For machines with insufficient power to support smooth motion
>> through a VR scene, we can provide browsers which allow you to jump
>> to a new position simply by clicking on where you want to go.
>> Double clicking would then be reserved for picking things up or
>> teleporting through a cyberspace hyperlink.

> Why should going through a hyperlink be different from going through
> ordinary space? It seems to me it would be tidier if the same
> operation were used for both; this gives hyperlinks a more "door-like"
> feel.

On reflection, you may be right, but consider the following arguments:

Given that the cost of going through a hyperlink is high (can take several
seconds), it seems worthwhile from a human factors perspective to a)
differentiate such doors from normal doors and b) protect the user from
accidentally going thru a hyperlink when all he/she wanted to do was to get
to a location adjacent to the door.

Best wishes,

Dave Raggett

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