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Gavin - are you always on krypton? If so, let me change it so you can

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> Basically VRML browsers need to be basically include much of the function
> of a simple interpretive language, and hopefully both a basically object
> oriented one (personal preference, I guess), and one that is not too
> verbose (for efficient use of low bandwidth). In this it would function
> like most existing cross platform packages of various kinds (many database
> packages, for example).

One of the things I really like about HTML is that it is reasonably
easy to write an editor that allows you to read in and then modify any
HTML file.

One of the things I really hate about PostScript is that is is really
hard to write an editor that can edit an arbitrary PostScript file.

Meme strikes me as more PostScript-like than HTML-like; it looks like
it would be easy to write applications that wrote out Meme files, but
it looks very difficult to write applications that provide a
user-friendly interface for editing Meme files.