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Date: Thu, 23 Jun 1994 00:09:27 +0300 (WET)
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Subject: TOOL: 3D tools (check'm out)
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For those that want to play with real-time rotating 3D tools that
exist on the net.

These are all pc based, look at: /pub/pc/math/ look for several 3D tools (DIR 3d*)

The BEST and easy to use is at: /micros/pc/oak/graphics/

This is a 3DV that displays 3-dimensional wire-frame objects or
data, with real-time rotations. It works on IBM PC/AT compatibles,
with VGA, EGA, CGA or Hercules graphics. A Microsoft-compatible mouse
is required. Submitted by Oscar Garcia.

The great advantage for WWW use, is the fact that the objects are
described in small ascii files, and can be rotated by the user.

There is a need to add a tool to form these files.
Writing them takes some good 3D vision skills.

Danny Golan

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