Re: FW: LANG Inventor file format

Adam T. McClure (
Wed, 22 Jun 1994 13:18:09 -0600

>Inventor on Windows is different from the UNIX version in that one is able
>to use it to embed 3D into applications using OLE2.0. For example you can
>have an Inventor document embedded into a Microsoft Word document or an
>Excel spreadsheet. When the user activates the 3D by selecting it, the
>Inventor runtime activates the window inplace and the user is able to
>interact with the 3D using Inventor manipulators.

I just wanted to mention that the Macintosh supports the same features via
current routines (AOCE) and goes a step further with OpenDoc (the beta
version should be available to developers by now) so if you agree that the
major platforms are Mac, PC/Win, and UNIX, I believe that we can create a
package with the same capabbilities for all the aforementioned. Just
thought it might be useful to note that the primary capabilities of
Inventor can be implemented on all the major boxes with today's development

Speaking of which... I wonder if it might not be appropriate to start
generating a skills inventory at this juncture. Perhaps someone could
quietly (off-list) start generating an accumulation of development skills
from the list members. Maybe a Form w/non-Form compat e-mail submission on
the VRML www page that gives an idea of coding background and some idea of
the amount of free time you have for coding projects over the next few
months -> year.

Feedback appreciated!

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