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> What about first drawing up a list of requirements (maybe "must haves"
> and "would be nices")? This then gives you some criteria by which

Here! Here!

> We have three goals, just as we did when we began the list:
> 1) A definition of a geometric description language for objects
> 2) A definition for a scene placement language for these objects
> 3) Lingustic constructions which can anchor these objects into the Web

Lets put down an absolute ground rule first -
The results of this effort (VRML) is to create a Public Domain Standard.
There can be no commerical licenses required, no commercial/proprietary
formats, languages, etc will be used.

Ok, lets look at Geometric Description
1a. Support Convex Planar Polygon objects
1b. Provide for facet and smooth shading attributes
1c. Provide for creating hierarchies of geometric objects
1d Provide for external file pointers that will contain object data

Scene Placement
2a Support global scene parameters, such as ambient light
2b Support both matrix positioning and chains of translate/rotate/scale

A more formal requirements analysis is obviously needed. I think this could
co-exist with
discussion of the various lanaguage submissions.

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