Re: Inventor file format
Tue, 21 Jun 1994 12:03:41 -0700

> *If* we were to decide on Inventor, that would give SGI a killer
> headstart on development tools for that market.

Using inventor, assuming it is public domain, will only help SGI for
its current market segment. SGI hasnt done a PC verion of IRIX lately
have they? It doesnt really help them to have the best tools when
everyone is buying for a different os/machine. Unless those tools are
also public domain, in which case there not making money still... It
wouldnt hurt them to have there standard used on millions of pc's but
I dont think it'd help much either. And this still doesnt tell us
wheter it actually IS public domain or not. (Although I think Kevin
said it was, is this definite?)

Are all of the Inventor tools on SGI? That would then be a mark
against it, although it seems the benefits of the language might
outweigh that.