Re: Inventor file format

Mark Waks (
Tue, 21 Jun 94 10:40:34 EDT

I'll keep this brief, since I promised Mark I'd keep it down until we
actually had our prospective candidate list, but I wanted to address
a couple of issues in John's message:

First, as to subsetting Inventor -- exactly so. What attracts me to
the language is that it appears extremely regular and consistent. I
*suspect* that creating subset parsers would be pretty easy.

>By the way, there
>are several companies selling modelers which use the Inventor file format
>and libraries. That fact makes me believe that we won't get any trouble
>from SGI for promoting the OpenInventor data file format.

This doesn't entirely reassure me -- the info on the SGI home page
doesn't make it clear whether those companies are paying lisence
fees or not...

>There are no distribution royalties for the SGI executables because every
>SGI comes with Inventor run-time libraries. One easy way to start would be
>to use an SGI to create the first Mosaic-like client using Inventor. That
>executable and source could be freely distributed without royalties or
>legal action.

*Provided* you're only running on SGI machines, and moreover on SGI
machines with a recent version of IRIX (if I read the docs correctly,
Open Inventor doesn't run on older versions of the operating system).
That's a little limiting -- my company has only one IRIS, and it's
not up to IRIX 5.2 yet...

-- Justin
Who rather likes Inventor, but is a
compulsive Devil's Advocate...

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