Re: PHIL: more machine thoughts

Mark Waks (
Mon, 20 Jun 94 10:54:56 EDT

Kevin writes:
>When I said that navigation was a browser issue, not a language issue, I meant
>more of the flying vs. driving vs. walking kind of navigation.

Agreed -- this has little to do with the language.

> Actually, I'm
>not sure that "picking" is a language issue either. What we should maybe
>define is an "activation" action. This action could either play a sound, or
>move the object, or send you to a new "page" or whatever.

On the one hand, I like it for simplicity. One of Mosaic's great plusses
is that it has only one major command: click on a highlighted string. It
then DWIMs on that selection quite cleverly -- it's relatively rare that
clicking does *not* produce the expected result. Aspiring to a similar
ease-of-use would be a good goal for us.

On the other hand, I'm not sure we can count on it. People are going to
expect some objects to serve multiple purposes, and we probably shouldn't
rule that out. I suspect we want to leave our options open, although
having a "primary activation" category probably isn't a bad idea. For
now, we can think about this -- I doubt we're going to get to the point
of actually implementing actions for another six months or so...

-- Justin

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