Re: LANG: MSDL (was Re: Object Desccriptions)

Chris Hand (
Sat, 18 Jun 94 13:47:37 BST

Mark Waks said:
> [ Manchester Scene Description Language, MSDL ]
> The language says *nothing* about where
> objects come from, which just might be an advantage -- this allows us
> a lot of leeway for the browser to pick things up from the right
> place.

There's an OFF converter available, which is very useful since there are
LOTS of OFF-format objects available on the net, as well as code for
manipulating them.

> Rights could possibly be an issue. It isn't public domain, although
> they say it's generally available for academia. We should certainly
> talk to the U. of Manchester about whether they would be willing to
> see us start with their work. (I suspect from the tone of things
> that they would say yes, but one mustn't assume.)

Toby Howard at Manchester is working in VR with the Advanced Interfaces
Group there (see I'd
be surprised if he wasn't interested in VRML, but assume that he's not
on this list yet since we haven't heard from him. Toby works with
Terry Hewitt (who works with MSDL). Perhaps one of them could comment
on the possibility of using MSDL in the VRML project...?


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