Re: LANG: Re: scalability (VRML)

Mark Waks (
Thu, 16 Jun 94 14:01:12 EDT

Mike writes:
>What about modifications to other people's objects ?? I'd like to see the
>reference to be parametized as well, I think, so I could reuse parametrically.
>So that the object reference would look (something) like
>#DEFINE Refrigerator AS vrml:\\\fidge.vrml
> # This is my special pink spotted fridge
>OBJECT Refrigerator-<AUTHOR> at: (123,435,687) sized: (232,234,33) color:
> #You can reuse the local one if you like, but its gotta be pink, sized
>and postioned like this

I concur, but I think the best model is an assumption that *all*
characteristics of an object are simply OO "slots" that can be
over-ridden in an instantiation. Thus, one "slot" in the Refrigerator
object would be "color". It would have a default, but if the
instantiation gave a color, that would be used. I'm not hip enough
on modern rendering technology to be sure how far you can push this,
but I think it's an *excellent* paradigm to follow, and will
encourage both standardization and creativity (because it will
encourage people to use standard objects, and mess with them)...

-- Justin

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