Re: LANG: Object Sharing

Jerry Isdale (
Thu, 16 Jun 94 10:29:42 PDT

At 10:28 PM 6/15/94 -0700, Jeff Suttor wrote:
>Descriptive video isn't 'ho hum' for the print/visually impaired.
>For many people, it's a chance to use adaptive technologies &
>participate in the info world.

Good point Jeff.
I understand the needs of the visually impaired having worked with Harry
Murphy and the VR & Pw/Dis confernce. However, reading a geometry file is
really pretty boring and you need to be a VERY good mental visualizer to
'see' the object given the vertex coordinates.

Descriptive video is different from VRML/VRIF, unless we use symbolic
names for the objects.

hmmm, the symbolic names could be used like the current HTML image links.
The client system could use the symbolic names to look in the local
library, ask the remote, or look up alternative descriptive text.

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