Re: PHIL: How to Get Around

Miles Lott (mlott@Starbase.NeoSoft.COM)
Wed, 15 Jun 1994 18:15:31 -0500 (CDT)

Hello. I am a video engineer from Houston, TX. I was wondering a couple
of things as far as the second model proposed - that of a universe in
which all webbers may appear. I will play the devil's advocate rather
than try to carry on high-level discussions as I am not a programmer and
would feel grossly inadequate. My questions are:
1. What would enable someone travelling through VRML space to
view another person (or open terminal) in that space ?
2. Would someone be able, then, to choose not to be seen ? This
is a security issue, I feel.
3. Would you be creating a universaly accepted description of
such a space as something other than a map of physical connections ?
4. How would proximity be determined if the defined space is not
an actual representation of physical space (latitude and longitude,
relative position) ? Would someone sign up to a list, allowing him to
participate in the virtual world and select a position relative to the
other participants as well ?

I would appreciate your thoughts on these subjects. Thanks.