Re: WEB - Mapping ala DOOM

Jerry Isdale (
Tue, 14 Jun 94 15:48:30 PDT

DOOM and other raycaster programs (ACK3D is available in source on are nice for partial 3d with textures. Just dont
allow the user to fly and pitch/roll.
The real trick is to get at least 640x480 resolution so you can put
readable text into the world. Higher res would be better. The VISCIS
project had started off using an SVGA version of ACK3D (never got that
working right) but has now switched over to RenderWare to provide a much
more portable and true 3D environment.
Screen design for these VR tools must consider that TEXT makes up a major
component of the world. You MUST be able to read the text and/or have a
popup window or side bar that lists the text. Otherwise it is very
difficult to figure out what that purple duodecahedron represents.

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