Re: VRML issues

Daniel D. Todd (
Mon, 13 Jun 1994 21:35:15 -0700

> The powerbook is the actual setup I have at home, and it works fine for
>mosaic, so I expect it should be just as fine for vrml.

This may be as incorrect an assumption. You can run tin and pine over a
2400 bps connection but that same medem would kill you running Mosaic. The
amount of information, frame rate, detail level etc. should be designed so
that it is operational down to 14.4 but I think actual speeds much higher
will have to be the design target. Within the very near future either the
telco. or cable co. will be bringing connections of atleast 2Mps to your
doorstep. I think that designing for a 500Kbps system might be more
fruitful. I would imagine that your own map would be resident and only when
you travel to new places would you have to go out and get new data. If your
client could anticipate your activity to some extent it could start grabbing
info as you approach an outter limit, so when you reach the limit of your
space there is already something 'new' to look at.


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