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>>From Tue Jun 14 01:17 MET 1994
>>From: "Kevin Goldsmith" <>
>>The more I think about this "world" map idea the less I like it. who owns it?
>> who manages it? who is the mayor? I feel like it's a bad departure from the
>>way that the net, and the web work currently.
I'm new to this group and to VR, but I agree with Kevin.

I think this group is arguing about a top-down WWW VR system approach. First
the "world map", landscapes, ... and then we will see.

Should we not be discussing a bottom-up WWW VR system approach ?
I.e., first we define the atomic objects of a VR system (maybe rectangles,
circles, ... - I don't know, I'm not a VR expert) and the markup associated
with them (VRML = Virtual Relaity MARKUP Language - I think).
Only then we can discuss the actions allowed and how we can build complex
objects upon the atomic ones.

In my point of view, the local client should have the ability to learn and
remember how complex objects are build (so that the client has to ask the
server about any complex object, only once ). Probably we will need something
like an Object Uniform Resource Name (OURN).

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