Re: PHIL: How to Get Around

David Millman (
Mon, 13 Jun 94 16:53:24 -0400

> From: (Mark Waks)
> Several people have been making a lot of references to "teleporting" and
> [...] A world of bazillions of
> wormholes just doesn't seem quite as inviting. (And we *are* talking
> about lots of these things if that's the model -- consider how much of
> the text of the Web is just links.)

I think the teleport/wormhole model may come in handy here and there.

But, to me, it really runs counter to any spatial model. Aren't
"teleports" analogous to the existing web links, where all links look
the same but actually 'travel' arbitrarily long 'distances'? I think
the current "everything's a teleport" situation in the web is one of
the biggest reasons that people have trouble navigating it.

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