Re: Do we need a common visual metaphor?

Rick Duffy (
Mon, 13 Jun 1994 09:51:10 -0500

Hello Sam - I'm not *sure*, but I think you sent this last followup to
me alone rather than the list. If not, sorry to bother you... Rick

Yes I did, whoops,

>>Well, maybe. I think there are ideas in there that it would be good for
>>us to consider. I don't suggest we adopt the CORBA spec (which would
>>be an implementation decision), but rather be aware of the approach they
>>have taken for distributed object management, and for breaking out
>>services (which might be handy when defined the VRML protocol types,
>>like FTP and HTTP in HTML).
>>>What needs to occur if you want to describe the topology in an
>>>is to describe the behavior of the objects in question (or the interface
>>>and types).
>>Maybe first we need to describe the objects (types). And describing the
>>behaviors might be done in a services-type fashion. This is what got
>>me thinking CORBA. (I'm not a hard-line pro-CORBA guy - I'm just posting
>>some suggestions, btw).
>Absolutely. By defining things in terms of the 28 CORBA services (although
>I think
>there are some new ones now) we will be able to describe what sort of
>interfaces we
>need. It can be used as a documentation tool like Pseudocode.
>>> tony parisi writes
>>>Absolutely. Do you-- or does anyone-- have access to CORBA standards
>>>docs? Does one need to join OMG to get them?
>>No - but I don't think they're free.
>Well, they are and they aren't. There is an anonymous ftp site at
>contains a lot of the working documents and RFP's. However, the official
>spec has
>to be purchased from OMG. I believe you can send email to Their
>telephone number is 1-(508)-820-4300. There are two books you will want:
> The Common Object Request Broker: Architecture and Specification
> Object Management Architecture Guide
>I got these last year and have been waiting for CORBA 2.0 to get a new set.
>>> Adam T. McClure writes:
>>>Perhaps you could post an html or ftp site to view the CORBA specs to
>>>Thanks in advance
>This is pretty much what you will find at the OGIS site I listed before. Try
>anonymous ftp to and go to the ogis directory.
>>There's an OMG ftp site, but I believe it is only for use by members (and if
>>I recall, membership is costly.) I bought a CORBA spec from the OMG. If
>>there are any OMG members out there, maybe they could give us the real poop.
>anonymous ftp to
>The Vice President and Technical Director of OMG is Dr. Richard Mark Soley
>(I think he
>goes by Mark). Maybe an invitation to Mark from Brian to join our group
>and give some
>advice might be in order. His email is and phone is the same
>as above.
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