VRML issues

Kevin Goldsmith (kmg@monk.colossal.com)
Mon, 13 Jun 1994 00:23:59 -0700

I am somewhat new to this list, but I have lurked a little while and not found
anyone addressing this, so...

Unlike html, which is not real-time, vrml cannot have latency issues. The net wit
will never be fast enough to expect to continually build a 3D scene while
grabbing data over a net of questionable bandwidth. So when I enter a vrml
document and traverse a link to another vrml document, I assume that I will
have to load that entire vr space into my machine. Well, if I am going to do t
that, why can't that document be Inventor, or phigs with a simple extension for
handling links. Both of those file formats can handle VR applications and
are relatively easy to extend and are ported to a variety of platforms. Why
do we need an entirely new vrml language to duplicate something that already
exists and has people who have written applications with it?