Organization Structure

Sat, 11 Jun 94 08:33:24 EDT

I propose folks look at This
"center" is distributed between servers and this link acts as an index to
what the "center" is all about. I maintain the "Resources" page here at
Wayne State, John December maintains his parts at RPI. The VRML center does
not have to be at any one site - so who has space?

The center.html is also worth looking at as John has handled "People"
involved in the field very well. All he asked of interested parties was:
URL: (if you have one)
Interests: (brief and keywordy)

If any of you have seen the GNA web tree (
ex.html) you may know of the keyword searchable consultants section. Any
merry old soles willing to handle such a system for VRML? I think expecting
someone to hunt thru these postings for a "People" page is pretty mean when
it could be done so easily - we could even post answers to these short
questionnaire in HTML form.

Let's make a decision on this (List owners???)

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