Re: Hello (I'll join the cro

Chris Hand (
Fri, 10 Jun 94 20:44:26 BST

Michael Maier said:
> <<Hopefully we are all not going to announce ourselves, there is over 200 of
> us...>>
> Is there a MUD we could meet at to keep intro traffic down? At MediaMOO you
> can have a pre-set intro (@research) so people can look at that to see what
> you're doing.

I doubt that mediaMOO will want 200 brand new characters in one go
(or maybe we *all* already have logins there?). Plus the impact of
even 50 of us logging in there regularly would be undesirable, I expect.

Why don't we set up a MOO specifically for the project, then we can customize
it if we need to? (Sorry, but I can't offer a machine.)


(Axolotl@mediaMOO, Chris@DMUMOO)

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