ADMIN - hold yer horses :) (please read)

Brian Behlendorf (
Fri, 10 Jun 1994 12:29:07 +0000 (GMT)

So much interest! The list is as of 5 minutes ago 465 people - and
we realized our post never even made it to comp.infosystems.www or
comp.infosystems.announce! :)

Organization of the discussion is *very* important, especially for a list
like this which aims to be technical in nature and whose goal is to
collectively devise a standard. Mailing lists are a powerful way to
distribute information and develop a community accessible to as many
people as possible, but it can definitely be hard to follow threads of

The good news is... we have web space we can use here at Wired, and
there's really no quantitative limit on what we can put there. I am
working on a PERL mailing archive to hypertext converter (I don't want to
install LISP to run hypermail) and will set that up on the site soon...
but the real tool for collaborative discussion is the WIT paradigm (check
it out - ). I'll be rewriting it in Perl as well,
and adding a few necessary features, and once it's up we can do a lot of
structured discussion through that.

Until that point, though, I'll be happy to manage the space here on
Wired - in fact, what we *need* are submissions for that site.
After today's flurry of intros, a bio page is apparently needed - send
me a bio (preferably HTML, but plain text is fine too) and I'll put
it up. If you've already sent an intro to www-vrml, let me know
and I'll just pluck it out of the archives.

I am going to wait until the flurry of subscribes is over before posting
my goals and hopes and thoughts on where we should go to the list -
this should be Sunday night or so.