Question & Intro

Chris Hand (
Fri, 10 Jun 94 10:09:33 BST

Hello VRML-list,

A question first: Is this list auto-archived into an FTP site
or a gopher somewhere? (handy cos you then don't worry about having
to make local copies of stuff).

Secondly I'll introduce myself.

Chris Hand, lecturer in computer science at De Montfort University
in Leicester, England. My main research interest lies in 3-D interaction
and user interface techniques and metaphors, while my "unofficial"
research involves playing with MOO, WWW and any other FUN TLA's I find
lying around. I've just discovered CUseeMe and have been wondering how
we might start using IP video around the place here. I'd like to find
out about VAT, the MBone and multicast IP audio when I get time.

I'm one of the co-ordinators of the UK VR-SIG, which has more than 100 members
in Industry and Academia, in the United Kingdom. Just prior to the
announcement of this list/project we were discussing how to go about creating
our own project to add a VR interface to WWW and possibly allow MOO
integration, as well as considering data visualisation aspects.

I expect a reasonable number of UK VR-SIG members will come and join this
list (Dave Snowdon -- are you there yet?).

One of the reasons that VRML appeals to me is that I've sufferered from
non-portability of software in the past year or so: I've got licensed
copies of DIVE and the MR Toolkit but haven't managed to get them running
on anything yet (All our Indigo's are busy :-[ ). I've also had hassle
with compiling MOO and Multiverse. This is probably because we're
a site running mostly HP9000/700 series and HP-UX tends to be less
well catered-for. I think GNU autoconfig is wonderful!


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