Further Introductions ..

Mike Roberts (miker@nashua.progress.COM)
Thu, 9 Jun 1994 20:40:45 PDT

Hm. Guess we are doing this.

I'm Mike Roberts. Some of you who moo may know me as Tamarac or
Saffron. Currently I manage the GUI technology group at Progress software in
Encinitas, California, working on network and multimedia capable application
development environments. My original research background is in visual
programming, oriented towards concurrent systems with an HCI emphasis.
For the last three years I have been working more specifically on component
based oo visual languages for multimedia application development. In my
spare time I do mixed metal art and surf.

Multi-person interaction is important in any media space; I'd like to see a
serious discussion get going on how we can accomplish this within
the VRML framework; at the same time I think it is important to pick targets
carefully so we don't end up all talk and no code. And let's make it easy to
use, too :)