please let me introduce myself

Arthur J Thomas (
Thu, 9 Jun 94 14:54:02 PDT

I attended the workshop on Virtual Reality at WWW94 in Geneva,
and can confirm the excitement that people felt about merging
the worlds of the Web and Virtual Reality in a non-proprietary
way. I also attended the WWW94 workshop on the Web in Biology,
where there was equal excitement about the use of the Web as
a collaborative tool, especially for molecular biology, which
deals with a wide variety of data types, and sorely needs ways to
"fuse" data from the different associated disciplines.

I'm an independent consultant, originally with a background in
biochemistry and (neuro-)physiology, who has worked mostly in
AI, image understanding and medical imaging. I'm presently working
on a project in computational molecular biology which aims to
achieve the kind of data fusion I mentioned above, and also to
make use of massively parallel computing systems to solve problems
in DNA and protein homology detection. In this area, the ability
effectively to visualize complex structures, and to explore
interrelationships between data derived from different kinds of
data bases, is very important.

I look forward to a productive discussion in this group.

Regards, and best wishes,