Web Server Performance Benchmark

Prasad Wagle (Prasad.Wagle@eng.sun.com)
Fri, 22 Dec 1995 15:58:54 -0800

A draft of the SPEC Web Server Benchmark white paper is on

There is a section on representative workloads. It contains scripts
which process http server log files and output workload
characteristics. We would appreciate your feedback along with the
output of these scripts. This will help us design a more realistic
workloads. As an incentive, if you work closely with us, we will
acknowledge your contribution in the final release of the benchmark and
give you a free preview of the Beta code.


ps. If the benchmarking methodology is implemented using Java and CORBA,
it will work on many platforms. The benchmarking methodology can also
be applied to other protocols like secure HTTP, NNTP, SMTP, and HTTP-NG
and distributed objects. If you are interested in working on this,
please let me know.

pps. Do you think it is worth capturing the benchmarking methodology in
an internet draft?