Re: server redirects by client domain

Harold A. Driscoll (
Wed, 20 Dec 1995 23:22:07 +0000

At 14:28 20/12/95 +0000, you wrote:
>> I'm going to float this idea because I thought of it, not necessarily
>> because I have thought it through . . . wouldn't this be the kind of
>> thing it would be nice if DNS could do for you?
>I think it would be nice if the DNS has a domain that maps IP addresses
>to lat/long pairs. Then you could see who is close, what taxes you need
>where, and so on. I would think you'd want it similar to the
> domain. --Darren

"Who is close" generally needs to be measured in terms of network
topography. Some of the proposals floating around for a URI for documents
seem much more promising.

Similarly, lat/long is of limited value for taxes. For example, do you tax a
transaction from an AOL customer based on the jurisdiction in which the AOL
proxy server is located, where the dial up (point of presence) is located,
where the computer calling into the service is located, or the residence (or
office) of the person making the transaction? (Help wanted, clairvoyant CGI

Besides, it is likely that such a database would have at least as many
errors and omissions as domain (if I had a dollar for every one
I've found there, that super-fantasy computer would be sitting on my desk
now, grin).
Harold A. Driscoll
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