Re: server redirects by client domain

Darren New (
Wed, 20 Dec 1995 16:06:34 +0000

> are choosing .com as opposed to .xx. As for lat and long, this is
> nearly meaningless and probably will become moreso in the months and
> years to come.

Meaningless as far as network-closeness, yes. But useful for other
purposes, like political ones. (Taxes, export laws, censorship laws, etc
etc etc.)

> My favorite example is a shop up the street and me.
> Geographically-wise we're not much more than a couple miles apart.
> Net-wise we're on opposite ends of the continent.

Yah. The place I commuted to for work actually not only went
cross-country and back, but also took a short hop thru Canada on
occasion. To get from my home to the place I drove to each morning.

> What people are wanting to do here is finding the closest net-wise
> server to the client. This is more a function of routing, ping avg's and
> traceroutes than it is a function of locality or domain names.

True. Which is why the DNS should include geographic information rather
than network-nearness. Network-nearness can be calculated, and can change
on an hour-by-hour basis. Generally, IP addresses stay within a relatively
small geographic region (currently).

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