Web Browser Standards or Guidelines

Fri, 15 Dec 95 13:53:48 EST

To my knowledege there are no official standards for Web Browsers or page
definition (HTML,PDF). HTML is not a standard, it is (today) simply the
preferred method for coding and accessing a document on the Web.

Netscape, Mosaic (all of them), Lynx, Acrobat, etc..etc...are all browsers, but
to my knowledge there are no documents that stipulate standards for designing
and building a web browser.

And we haven't begun to look at authoring tools, servers, or security


1) Why not? Who would organize them? W3? IETF? ISO?

2) Are there HTML guidelines? I know there are HTML books/white papers/language
descriptions, but are there specific guidelines for using it?

3) Are there browser guidelines? How about their viewers and plug-ins? Again,
if this stuff exists, where?

I am doing this for a specific reason: To develop and provide guidelines that
will assist Web product developers in building Web-based products that are
also accessible to people with disabilties.

Classic Example: GUI-based browsers are inherently inaccessible to the blind.
BUT, if the Netscapes', Microsofts', Quarterdecks', and Adobes' of the world
knew what it would take to make them accessible, they just might be in a better
position to implement the changes

This is how we got the ICADD code into the HTML 2.0 spec. Please feel free to
contact me personally, if you prefer:



Mike Paciello

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