Re: why www?

Nick Taylor (
Thu, 14 Dec 95 7:23:14 GMT

Michael Godsey said:
> Nick Taylor <> said:
> | The www bit is the de-facto way of ensuring that http requests
> | hit port 80 (or whatever) of the correct machine.
> This is not true at all. There is nothing about the "www" part that
> says to hit port 80! Port 80 uis just the standard port for the httpd
> service.
I think you've mis-read this. The www part ensures that http hits the
correct machine, the usual port for http requests is 80, but can be
whatever is defined in the server config. The url will have to specify
the port if it's not port 80. Hence my "or whatever" in braces in my
original mail.

More speed, Mike, less haste! :-)


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