Re: why www?

Nick Taylor (
Wed, 13 Dec 95 19:28:00 GMT

Ray Stell said:
> Isn't http://www.whatever sort of like the Department of
> Redundancy Department?

I think you're forgetting about the other modes, ftp:, gopher:
etc. Without being able to specify the transfer mode, you'd
loose a lot of functionallity of your browser.

The www bit is the de-facto way of ensuring that http requests
hit port 80 (or whatever) of the correct machine. It's also a
lot easier to remember than And you can't have just as this would point to a domain rather than a
machine, nor can you simply prepend 'www' even though this
usually is the hostname or alias of the web server, it does
not have to be. And if you have many web servers in a single
domain you'd be in trouble.


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