Re: two ideas...

Mary Morris (marym@Finesse.COM)
Mon, 11 Dec 1995 12:06:12 -0800

> From: Jeffrey Mogul <>
> Actually, there are two major contributors to delay for the
> "average" user -
> - bandwith to the server
> this has less to do with the modem speed, and more to
> do with shared access to an often limited and highly
> contended resource i.e., even over a 14.4k modem, we
> often see 4-6 kbps transfer rates

Umm 4-6K is a VERY good rate here. Remember 14.4K means 14,400 baud
not bytes. Thus an "average" transfer should really be 1800 bytes
per second. Good compression brings it up to the 4-6K range.

My real experiences are that an average 14.4k modem actually sees
an average throughput of about 1Kbytes - 1.3 Kbytes per second.

Mary Morris