Friedhelm Ries (
Wed, 06 Dec 1995 20:12:10 +0100

Rick Silterra wrote:
> I now want to some scripts that are used by this directory to have
> access to the REMOTE_USER variable.
> So, I tried mapping .../directory_tools/* to
> /cgi-bin/* , and applying the same authentication to this
> that was applied to the /directory/ in the first place;
> 1) This Filemapping does not seem to invoke authentication,
> as a result of this:
> 2) I never seem to be able to get access to REMOTE_USER from a script.
> 3)When exactly is REMOTE_USER made available to a script?
> 4)Anytime after authentication, when contacting this server?
> 5)Only for subsets of the URL for which it was invoked?
> Thanks in advance for any help.
> Rick Silterra

I assume you address your cgi-bin script with POST method. If so
you must make authentication valid not only for GET but also for
POST method, e. g.

AuthUserFile ....
AuthGroupFile ...
AuthName ByPassword
AuthType Basic

require group user-group
require valid-user your-user

Try out
and type "ries" as username and "ries" as password.

Regards Friedhelm

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