Re: two ideas...

Fri, 1 Dec 1995 14:50:20 -0800

> From: Jeffrey Mogul <>
> I grabbed a copy of the Touch and Farber paper cited earlier in
> this thread, which seemed to deal with FTP. This described a
> pre-send selection algorithm of sending everything in the currently
> selected directory. The Boston University system used a simple
> 1-level probablistic model to pick the best candidates for
> pre-send, and used fare less extra bandwidth, though with a higher
> probablity of a cache-miss. There's lots of stuff to tune with
> speculation.
> The model that Venkata Padmanabhan and I had been working on is
> a little different from the BU and Touch/Farber models (as far as
> I have been able to learn).
> We started from these principles:

I liked the idea of Jeff's summaries, so I put abbreviated versions of
my own on the Related works page of the LowLat pages:

This is a summary of ALL latency reduction techniques, with pointers,
and some brief summaries. It is a work-in-progress; feedback would be