Re: two ideas...

N.G.Smith (
Thu, 30 Nov 1995 16:46:48 +0000

> I have two ideas which I would like to get some feedback on. One is
>to use compressed HTML/Java instead of regular HTML. The second is to
>implement intelligent pre-fetching for the web.
> I would be interested in hearing some feedback from people on these ideas.
>P.S. For HTML, if your feedback consists of pointing out that the HTML
>content is a very small amount of the web traffic... please DON'T mail
>that to me unless you have some numbers... I have already covered this
>point in the paper and numbers on the traffic content would be more
>useful than relative terms... I'm looking for sources to provide me with
>data which can be useful for this analysis.

We run a public caching proxy for the academic community in the UK.
>From November 10th to November 19th our servers handled 9,800,000
requests delivering 126 gigabytes of data. Of this HTML accounted for
25% by access count and 12% by number of bytes.

We have very poor trans-atlantic bandwidth and so I would suggest that
even a 5% saving overall would be worth some effort.

Neil Smith