Re: Winsock Help

Isamar Maia (
Fri, 24 Nov 1995 17:00:13 -0200 (EDT)

Hello Sir,

On Fri, 24 Nov 1995, Daniel W. Connolly wrote:

> In message <Pine.LNX.3.91.951124155146.13590A-100000@ruby>, Isamar Maia writes:
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> >Dear Sirs,
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> >Sorry if I'm out of topic but my DialUp SLIP/PPP users cannot get W3
> >pages but other services using winsock. I've looked for the solution
> >through several ways but no success.
> You too, huh? I noticed this problem when I was at a conference
> in Texas. I called our system administrator, but everything looked
> fine from his end.

Yeah.. I thought already in several possibilities but no success.
All services work but no W3 pages.. even using Netscape/Mosaic, gopher
menus come easy but no W3 pages.
My Domain is, my primary server is, it doesn't have a reverse address registration but
I can get web pages from host ruby using Netscape for X-Windows or even lynx.

> Our best hypothesis at this point is that our server does a
> reverse DNS lookup on your address, and refuses service if
> that fails. Since the box I was using in Texas had no DNS
> hostname registered, I couldn't get at
Well, it makes sense. I'm using NCSA HTTP server. My unix is a linux box.

> Can anyone else confirm this?
> The strange thing is that we have the server configured to
> _not_ do reverse DNS lookups in the interest of performance!
Really Strange...

> Dan

Thank you very much for attention. I hope to find the solution of my problem.

Regards From Brazil,