Re: CGI???

David Robinson (
Tue, 21 Nov 95 18:39 GMT

Chris Adie <> wrote:
> Yes, there are certainly CGI implementations in use right now which don't use
> stdio streams - for example, CGI scripts using Visual Basic (which has no
> concept of stdin/stdout), or scripts implemented as DLLs. DLLs don't use
> environment variables either. This is not perversity, it is just that those
> mechanisims are not appropriate to these types of script.
> I believe it is very important to keep the CGI standard as general as
> possible. The standard should not include *any* reference to implementation
> details of how the server identifies and communicates with the CGI program.
> Separate platform-specific specs should do that. So, avoid
> implementation-specific terms like "environment variables", and call them
> (say) "CGI variables" instead.

I disagree. a CGI `specification' wouldn't be much of a specification if it
didn't allow a programmer to write a working program based on it.

>From a practical standpoint, a separate platform-specific spec seems pretty
pointless when, for example, the Unix-specific spec is only 9 lines of text.

David Robinson.