Re: Content negotiation

Mob Psychologist (
Fri, 10 Nov 1995 11:38:32 -0800 (PST)

% Content Negotiation goes beyond browser type, but user type as well. For
% example, I would add this issue:
% 4. I want to send French pages to French speaking users, German, etc...

Accept-Language: seems to me the best way to accomplish it.
My personal idea is to modify slightly a server, so that the resource
/foo/bar.html actually can correspond to either /foo/DE/bar.html or
/foo/FR/bar.html ...

I understand that URC (or URN?) should be the right approach, but this could
be implemented in a hurry, provided that browsers optionally send the
correct header.

Any comments?


This is exactly how we have implemented multiple language support.
The Accept-Language sends the LANG environment variable of the user,
and the server uses a new configuration directive, LocalizedDocRoot, to
map the language to a different document root directory. We actually
use a language subdirectory of the original document root, to keep all
the documents together. We also have another configuration directive,
LanguageAlias, that aliases different ways of specifying locales.

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