Re[3]: Web Publishing - Graphic Tools
Thu, 09 Nov 95 12:32:48 EST

Just expressing my opinion sorry it hurts
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Subject: Re[2]: Web Publishing - Graphic Tools
Author: at interport
Date: 11/9/95 12:47 PM

Sorry to have expressed my opinion. Next time, I'll stick to the facts.

and the facts are... Mac+Design=Good
PC+Design=Good but could be better if all the great design
software was available. In other words, if you are truly a great designer you
get what you want, not what you've got. PC design is more difficult to get what
you want. (not that it can't be done-but why waste your time? life is too short
to settle for anything less)

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Subject: Re: Web Publishing - Graphic Tools
Author: at interport
Date: 11/9/95 12:12 PM

> The best way to design unfortunately for you is on a Mac-hands down!

why are you asking for flames?

> If you're serious about design, get a mac
> get PhotoShop

I'm not experienced enough with QuarkXpress and Illustrator to comment, but
photoshop is nearly identical on both platforms. I work on a PowerMac at
work and Win95 at home and have photoshop on both. In fact, I have a slew
of graphics apps on both and they're both great, so why put down either?

fewer people would get exasperated and less time would be wasted, if
questions were answered without subjective comments (especially negative
ones) about a particular platform.



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