Re: Content negotiation

Shel Kaphan (
Wed, 8 Nov 1995 19:23:17 -0800

M. Hedlund writes:
> Shel writes:
> >I think we should separate content negotiation from the issue of
> >browser capabilities.

> Does "browser capabilities" == "HTML tags and attributes recognized"?

It certainly *includes* that, but it also includes information
that has to do with the way the browser chooses to render, and
possibly other subtleties I can't think of at the moment.
I don't happen to have a list of such matters of interpretation handy,
but to be maximally useful to server application writers, such a database
would need to be able include annotations about fairly subtle
differences of browser behavior.

> If so, can't we just derive this information from DTD's[1]? DTD's already
> exist for Mozilla and Hotjava -- see <URL:>.

That seems like a good idea, and as has been mentioned before, the
URL of such documents could be made available to servers, though I
kind of like not having to go find a document out there in hyperspace,
where it might not be found reliably, etc. It also seems like it
might be simpler to have a summary available that is more relevant to
the task at hand than to have to have a SGML parser the server
software, which is, I presume, what it would take. A list of
(attribute, value) pairs ought to do adequately, and would be really
simple to parse.