Multiple Submit Buttons in Form

Pat La Claire (excalib!sparcy!
Tue, 7 Nov 95 10:37:36 PST

I have recently come across multiple submit buttons within a
single <FORM> in an HTML page. I had read somewhere that this
was *not* allowed (not supported, not recommended) with HTML 3.0.

I have run tests with Netscape 1.1, Netscape 2.0 Beta 1, Mosaic 2.0.1
and MacWeb 1.1.1E (all on a Mac), and Netscape Navigator 1.2N on a
PC, and Netscape Navigator 1.1N on a Sparcstation. All succeeded
parsing multiple submits.

Am I wrong about this being unsupported by the HTML standard?

Is anyone aware whether it *will* be supported in the near future?

How many of you currently use multiple submits within a FORM?

What are your opinions in doing so (knowing that it is not supported)?

Anything I didn't ask, which you believe I should consider?

Thanks in advance,

Pat Larkin La Claire
Excalibur Technologies