Re: Inline Image and URL scheme

Istvan von Keszi (
Thu, 2 Nov 1995 13:57:14 -0700 (MST)

On Wed, 1 Nov 1995, Larry Masinter wrote:

> > In other words, I want to send an encapluated image/gif within a mail
> > message. The image is to be referenced from a text/html section. Note
> > that a hyper link (like http) is to be avoided.

I'm not sure if I'm clear with what you want to achieve, but I think that
the existing RFC on MIME, RFC1521 which obsoleted the old MIME RFC,
RFC1341 details much of this.

> > A second related question is how to instruct the receiving end to show the
> > image only from the text/html section and not from the image/gif section.
> I believe the proposal will be to use multipart/related as specified
> in draft-ietf-mimesgml-related-03.txt.

I'm not sure that you can instruct the receiving end how to open the
envelope. This is no different than in the real-world, actually.

Some people end up using a very sharp letter opener, while others carefully
peal the flap up. Others simply tear at it.

The content providers control and responsibility ends when they place
their information inside the envelope. The receivers choices take over
from the time the envelope is received. Instructing the receiver how to
cope with an envelope is poor practice.